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Reception Signs

The look and feel of your reception area is where new clients make their first and lasting impression of your business! Luckily, we have significant experience in making hundreds of businesses look great. Ask to see our portfolio to get some great ideas for your reception area!

There are a few ways to make a good impression.

Stainless Steel

Water jet individual components of your complete logo in stainless steel and pin them off the reception wall. Add down lights directed at the sign and you have an outstanding sign to impress any client.

Stainless Steel and Mirror Finished Aluminium

Combine some of the components in stainless steel along with say your text in mirror finished aluminium. Now that is full of class!!

Laser cut Acrylic and Finish in your Corporate Colours

We simply laser cut individual components from thick acrylic, finish them in your corporate colours and pin them off the reception wall for continuity of your brand.

Engraved and Paint Filled Metal

Your graphic logo can be engraved into stainless steel or aluminium cut to shape and shallow filled with your corporate colours. Add your company name in individual metal letters or acrylic finished in the company colour. Outstanding!!

Company Logo on a Backing Panel

Some company logos tend to lean towards the need for a backing panel to the sign. The best results come from using a clear acrylic (or glass) panel and applying the corporate logo on the back in vinyl film. This can then be completely backed with etch (silver tone) vinyl film. The panel is then spaced off the wall with aluminium fittings. The added benefit is that the signage is protected.

The other great alternative is to affix the 3D logo and lettering in stainless steel, aluminium or colour finished acrylic to the face of the panel.

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