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Our Recent Achievements

Below are examples of some of our most recent projects.

Canadian Consulate

The Canadian Consulate engaged Signtech to replace their existing building sign overlooking the Sydney Harbour Quay. This firstly entailed seeking approval from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority and the Sydney Council which involved a good deal of attention and time on our part. The end product is made up of fabricated 3D lettering and logo with internal LED lighting.

Signtech AustraliaSigntech AustraliaSigntech Australia


Every year the University of NSW engages us to supply and install their Open Day banners on one of their multi story buildings on Anzac Parade. They measure 12M high X 3.6M wide and require abseilers to install them. The banners are digitally printed PVC with rope edging and fitted to the building using sail track so that they may be easily removed and the new ones fitted in the coming year.

Signtech AustraliaSigntech AustraliaSigntech AustraliaSigntech AustraliaSigntech Australia


Oriel engaged us to install their logo at the top of their building in Lane Cove. It was fully fabricated with translucent opal acrylic faces with the face of the graphic logo being digitally printed translucent vinyl. Neon was installed inside the logo and lettering so lighting up the faces only.

Signtech AustraliaSigntech Australia

Quay West

Fully fabricated lettering with translucent faces and with internal neon were installed on the top of the Quay West building in The Rocks, Sydney.

Signtech Australia Signtech Australia


The main building sign is fully fabricated metal lettering spaced off the wall with internal neon lighting. The light bounces off the wall so giving the sign a halo effect. In addition we installed the lettering "Dermalogica" vertically at the entrance to the building. The lettering was illuminated and affixed to floor to ceiling silver tubing so hiding the electrics.

Signtech Australia Signtech Australia


Oracle has engaged us to install a reception sign in their new building in Gordon. It is to be fully fabricated aluminium finished in 2pac gloss white polyurethane to match the sign at their North Ryde premises.

Signtech Australia Signtech Australia

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