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Signs Explained

Just choose the area of signage that you are in need of, click on the sign type and a description and alternatives for the product will assist you with your decision making.

Sign selection

Products range from heavy duty vinyl banners with vinyl film graphics and text to large quantities of screenprinted banners in various materials.

Braille Signs
We can create Braille signage which is installed in accordance with legislation and Australian Standards.

Building Signs
These may vary from illuminated signage on the top a multi story building to an engraved plaque at the building entrance.

Continuous Images
Translucent Graphics for Office Glazing. Printed Artist Canvas for Wall Images. Perfect for Interior Design.

Directory Signage
We are able to create directories with interchangeable slats finished in brass or silver containing text.

Engraved Signs
Engraving of various materials such as stainless steel, brass and aluminium and filling the text and graphics with a colour.

Exhibition Signs
Single sided or double sided freestanding pull up banners that are ideal for Expos.

Any colour and any graphics and text. We digitally print straight to the flag material.

Hoarding Signage
Signtech supplies and installs hoarding signage for construction sites using PVC banner material or breeze cloth.

Illuminated Signs
Illuminated Signs have a wide range of product types, from internally lit under awning signs to 3D shapes and text with internal neon lights.

Neon Signs
Neon Signs, although expensive, are an outstanding illuminated product which may be seen from a considerable distance.

Reception Signs
From a stylish 2D format to a more up-market 3D sign using stainless steel, fabricated acrylic, glass or highly finished MDF products.

Screen Printing Signs
We have the facility to provide screen printing on a very wide range of materials icluding metal, colourbond, acrylic, vinyl, PVC, board or banners.

Vinyl Signs
Inexpensive and quickly produced, Vinyl Signs come in a wide range of colours including frosted vinyl, perfect for windows.

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